Privacy Policy

www.essay-online.comsop editingterm paper writersemotional support animal certificationExpertsTimes honors your privacy concerns. Ai??Therefore, we request you to read and understand our privacy policy. It contains all of the information that is can you do my essay collected and used by us. If you are not agreeing to our terms and policies, please donai??i??t use ExpertsTimes. If you continue using our application, it will be considered that you fully agree with our policies.

Information We Collect
While registration to the application, we will collect your personal information including name, location, email address, username and a valid contact number. Some other information including your address and qualification details are also being collected by us. The purpose behind a collection of this information is to offer improved services along with enhanced experience.
Some of the information is also collected when you start using the application as a customer or candidate. It contains device information and your job history. Such information is collected to personalize and enhance your experience.

How do we assemble Information?
Candidate and customer directly share their personal information while filling the registration form. Some of the technical information is usually collected by us through indirect and automatic mode.

How do we use the Information assembled?
The personal information is only used to provide quality services and complete security for both customer and candidate. Letai??i??s have an example, we use to collect pro essay topics your email address and phone number to verify your identity. This information is also used to setup, password reset and make it easier to contact you. This information is also used by us to share our promotions, packages, services and other marketing updates to you.
This information is also used by ExpertsTimes to track and monitor any inappropriate activity. The assembled and relevant information could be retained by us for investigation support in case of legal actions, fraud, disputes and other actions.

Sharing of Information
Please be noted, we donai??i??t sell and lease any of your personal information to third parties. The information provided by you and automatically assembled by our services could be combined for improved services and advertisements. If youai??i??re not interested in receiving our marketing and promotional messages, please feel free to contact us.
Some of the personal information could be shared with other parties for following purposes: