Term of use

Welcome to ExpertsTimes, a platform to offer your services as a part-time job.
The following terms of use are the direction of your access and use of our application including different functionality, content, and services. Kindly read all of these terms of use before start accessing and using the application. Our privacy policy and terms are essential to accept in order to access our services. If any of the conditions are not accepted by you, kindly donai??i??t access the application.


  • Users are required register as candidate or customer, in order to access our services.
  • Customers are allowed to search their require candidate and review profiles.
  • Candidate can be a teacher, faculty member, and consultant.
  • ExpertsTimes is not responsible for the payment procedure between candidate & customer
    We retain the right to use profiles and content for marketing and promotional approach. We do care about your privacy concerns, therefore, please review our privacy policy before proceeding further to our platform.

The candidate is the ones offering their services in part-time through our platform.

  • They sign-up by providing all of their personal information
  • Their qualification details are collected during sign-up
  • They have to provide payment details for automatic subscription renewal, but such details are not collected and kept by us
  • They are responsible to deliver the accepted tasks
  • They are accountable to update all of their account information
  • Their account could be suspended in case of any violation
  • Active performance and task completion is the approach for them to enhance reputation

Candidate should display their skill set and expertise for customer attraction.

This is a platform for the customer to find immediately require candidate and get their task complete in a trustworthy way.

  • Customer will search the candidate and visit their profiles
  • They may hire the candidate instantly
  • They can offer direct payments to the candidate on job completion
  • Aricept generic price

  • We retain right to access and use your information for advertisement and promotional approach
  • They have to provide payment credentials for automatic membership renewal, however such information isnai??i??t retained by ExpertsTimes
  • We currently are not going to have any of the payment information that places among candidate and customer
  • Please review and understand our privacy policy for detailed information

We encourage the customer and candidate to resolve their conflict amongst themselves. If you need further assistant please contact our support center.

We ensure to maintain a friendly and professional environment within our platform.
In case of reporting the violation of our terms of use, misconduct and any other inquiry associated with your account, you may contact our customer services team.

The consumer may receive warning messages for violations of terms of use and misconduct reported to the team. The warning doesnai??i??t limit account activity but directs the loosing of your reputation.

Content Responsibility
We are not responsible for the content updated by the user within their account. As we donai??i??t review and check user-generated and uploaded content. But the other users may report such things to our customer services. We are also not responsible for quality and level of the services offer and provided by the candidate.

Customer Support
Our customer support team is 24/7 available to listen and resolve your queries regarding our platform, privacy, and terms of use. Please connect with our customer support team by submitting your query and concern.invisible fence for dogs